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Welcome to the iPhotography Institute website, you have found our website because you have an interest in photography, well congratulations because photography is such a wonderful hobby, it gets you outside, you see things differently and it opens your eyes.



Now the downsides, it can be very frustrating, the photos we get are not the photos we see with our eyes.

Our eyes and brain are far more intelligent than any camera, they adapt to the bright highlights and deep shadows in an instant, the camera can not, the dynamic range between the shadows and highlights is just too much for the camera to cope with in most instances.

Start your photography journey, on this journey you will learn to use your camera, learn all about aperture, shutter speed and Iso. You will learn the relationship these 3 key elements have on each other.
You will learn about composition, depth of field, light and much more. Our assignments will enthuse you and are designed so you learn by doing as well as reading. At the end of the course you will gain a certificate of excellence but the most important elements you gain are knowledge,  inspiration and the confidence to enjoy photography and get the photographs you always wanted, the photos you can be really proud off.
The more you practice the more you learn the more you enjoy the more you see.

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